Every pet is unique and from a standard bath to a full-service pamper, we offer a variety of grooming services that are just right for you and your 4-legged furry friend.

Our Professional A4P team member will personally meet with you to discuss your pet's specific needs, take the time to listen and understand your requests and work together to recommend just the right tailored grooming service for your furry friend. Due to different breeds, size, coat condition, pet's disposition and your desired specifications – price and time allocation will vary from individual to individual. Quotes over the phone are rough estimates based on a particular breed being groomed on a regular basis. Committed price will be determined during your pet's initial consultation and any variance in cost will be discussed and approved with you prior to any commencement of service.

Enjoy complementary initial consultations on any service

All Pet Parents will be required to read and sign The 4 Paw policy agreement at the time of their first appointment and consultation. Policy can be downloaded from our 4 Paw Policy page or emailed to you for your convenience.


VIP Pamper Plus
Full service groom includes: Hydro-massaging bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, pad clean, hygiene trim, blow dry, full brush out, all over clip/scissor, de-shed or styling of choice.

Note: Matt removal will cost extra depending on time allocated and a shave down will be offered for excessively matted dogs.
VIP Pamper
Bath & Tidy includes: Hydro-massaging bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, pad clean, sanitary trim, blow dry, and full brush out.

VIP Fluff
Bath & Fluff Includes: Hydro-massaging bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, pad clean, and blow dry.

A4P Puppy Pamper
Start your new family member off on the right Paw with our caring and qualified hands. With the purchase of a grooming package your little one will receive a FREE nail trim and introduction to nail grinding up to 6 months of age.

Add-On Services:

Give your pet a premium personalized pamper with any of these custom add-on services to put the finishing touches to make him/her look and feel great! Add-On services are applicable with purchase of a grooming package.

Nail Grinding
Shape up those pretty little toes on your pup for a clean and softer look as it smoothes out rough edges and reduces scratches from your beloved.

Exfoliating Scrub
Scrubs help exfoliate dead skin and are helpful for dry skin or a coat that is trying to be re-grown.

Soothing Oatmeal Scrub
 Oatmeal is great for helping moisturize the skin, relaxing and soothing benefits for itchy or scaly skin

De-Shedding Treatment
Help reduce the shedding between visits of your heavy shedding 4-legger

Blueberry Facial
Aroma therapy massage to help brighten your the face and relax your fur baby

Paw Massage
Rejuvenate your dog's rough skin with an all-natural product using a combination of Eucalyptus, Lavender oils, and Beeswax to help replenish moisture in the paws and protect from outside elements

Luxurious Shampoo and conditioner Coat Treatment
Help restore the coat and give it a glistening appearance with a serum or leave-in conditioner

Individual Services

Nail trim

Paw Pamper — nail trim, grind and pad clean up

Ear cleaning

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Any services that you would like but do not see listed please call to inquire and we would be happy to discuss your special requests

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